Internship within Fashion Brand Phannatiq

I have had an amazing internship within fashion industry, the very talented fashion designer and owner of the brand Phannatiq Anna Skodbo. I have learnt how to make costing for a garment, pattern cutting, editing photos for online shop and helping her with photoshoot for Vogue.

She works as a freelance lecture at university where I study and teached us Sustainable Fashion.

Anna holds a deep respect for natural and human resources, and places this commitment at the centre of her brand phannatiq by maintaining supply chains of high sustainability and ethical credibility, and known to accept interns only within a framework of strictly defined learning goals.

As a keen educator, Anna Lectures and supports students of both business and fashion, sharing her specialist insight and successes in maintaining integrity within a solely profit-focussed industry dominated by disposable fashion.


Written by Felicities:

Phannatiq was established by designer Anna Skodbo, whose unmistakable textiles are inspired by her love affair with forgotten London, urban industrial decay and street art and textures. Collections feature figure hugging shapes alongside sassy anti-fit cutting, rubbing delicate printed silks and chiffons shoulder to shoulder with jerseys, wools and leather. A modern sense of feminine beauty is discovered through the use of distressed fabrics and hoods, making the collections both challenging and edgy yet fully wearable.



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